Welcome to Est1884, the illustrated shirt history of Derby County Football Club.  Our aim, is to provide the visitor with a definitive guide to the shirts worn by The Rams, from the formation year of 1884 to the present day. 

It has been a difficult task to identify the colours worn by The Rams pre 1900 as there is no definitive source, unlike player league appearances and results.  Majority of the early years shirt style and colour ways have been sourced from archived newspaper accounts or black & white team photographs.


Researching the kits and colours worn by Derby County, has been extensively undertaken and every attempt has been made to replicate in detail, the colour and shirt styles worn by The Rams.  We have used archived newspapers, vintage postcards, football league handbooks and the in-depth knowledge of football historians to identify shirts.  If any assumptions have been made regarding shirt styles or colour ways, we will identify this and explain the reasons.


The accuracy of this site would not be possible without the knowledge of football historians, enthusiasts and visitor contributions.   We would like to thank all who have offered support and additional content to the site.  Special thanks to Peter Holme (National Football Museum), Andrew Ellis (football historian & author), Peter Seddon (football historian & author), historicalkits.com (extensive kit history site), unitedkits.com (illustrated MUFC kit site) and the Victorian journalists.